Broadbottom Circular

Broadbottom Circular – A Great Tameside Country Walk

This Broadbottom circular walk starts at the Lymefield Visitors Centre and takes in Hodgefold, Great Wood, Hurst Clough, Mottram Hill and Hague Road. See map of Broadbottom circular.

From the visitors centre, just off Lower Market Street, Broadbottom, walk downhill and turn right between the allotments and the row of houses at Lymefield Terrace. The path leads into the Broad Mills Heritage Site.  This area once housed 3 cotton spinning mills. Information boards along the path are well worth reading about this once thriving industrial site.

This is an image taken from Mottram Hill on the Broadbottom Circular.Follow the signposts for Hodgefold, keeping to the right of the River Etherow. The path goes past the Hodge Lane Dye Vats and on to the cottages at Hodgefold. The track turns left and passes Leylands Farm, then onto Botham’s Hall. Continue on the tarmac lane to the entrance to Great Wood on the right by a gate. This Broadbottom circular follows the fence into the wood and the downhill path crosses a small bridge to reach Hodgefold.

Before the houses, take the left turn, up a narrow passage way back into Great Wood. Cross the railway line and turn left. Cross the stile and into the field on the right. At the other end of the field cross the stile to reach the road and turn right and immediately left into Hurst Clough. Take the path downhill, cross the bridge, turn left and continue by the brook on the left. Cross another bridge and head up the steps. Turn right and keeping right on the paths leads to Broadbottom Road near the Waggon public house.

Turn right, cross the road and within 100 metres take the signposted path up steps by the houses. Cross a field to reach Home Farm. Continue to Littlemoor Road and turn left. In a ¼ mile turn right passing a pond either side of the path and cross the stile into a field. Keeping to the right another stile is reached. In the next field turn left and follow the edge of the field down into the trees, over a stile into another field. Keep  ahead without losing height to a stile which comes out on Pingot Lane.

Turn right and take the stile on the left down a muddy path through the fields to Hague Road. Turn right here and follow the road to Gorsey Brow, then onto Market Street. Turn left under the bridge and right just after the Cheshire Cheese public house. This leads back to the visitors centre to complete this Broadbottom circular.

The walk is 4.5 miles in length and takes around 1 hour 50 minutes. All the paths mentioned in this Broadbottom circular, together with detailed mapping and route finding text are included in Walks In Tameside – Volume 2 Southern Tameside.


Broadbottom Circular — 2 Comments

  1. I love the pastoral look of the fields and hills in your photograph, Bill. It seems, in reading your text, that England has turned old cotton mills or factories into countryside once again. This is a wonderful thing for the environment as well as for the people to enjoy.

    I love taking a walk through England or Scotland through your blog posts, Bill. Thanks!

    • The old cotton mills in rural areas have all gone now Victoria Marie. Most of the old mills near the city centres have been turned into apartments. We are now a nation of call centres and service industries.