El Camino Del Ray

El Camino Del Ray – The Most Dangerous Walkway In The World

This is an image of El Camino Del Ray, the most dangerous walkway in the world.El Camino Del Ray (The King’s Little Pathway) is one walk I would never attempt. I love mountain walking and the high views that come with it. I have climbed a lot of the high mountains in the UK, Southern Ireland and the Mediterranean. Even in my younger, bolder days, I doubt if I would have had the nerve to tackle it.

The El Camino Del Ray ‘walk’ is located within the Gorge of Gaitanes in Andalucia, the southern most province of Spain. It has vertical stone walls reaching as high as 700 metres/2,300 ft. The walkway is 3 kilometres long, only 1 metre/3 ft wide, has no railings and is pinned on the mountain wall at a height of 100 metres/350 ft.

The El Camino Del Ray pathway was built in 1905 and has now fallen into disrepair, to a point that there’s often nothing but metal bearing rods left. There is a wire pinned into the wall that follows most of the walkway and can be used by people to latch onto as safety precaution, but it was not designated to carry much weight. The El Camino Del Ray is known as the most dangerous walkway in the world. Work started in 1901 when the Gaitanejo Falls and Chorro Falls Hydro Electric Power needed a walkway that would bridge both plants and would allow for the transportation of material. It took four years for the construction to be completed. The inauguration of the walkway took place in 1921 when the Spanish King, Alfonso XIII crossed it and the walkway’s been called The King’s Little Pathway ever since.

By 2000, El Camino Del Rey had deteriorated to a point which it was highly dangerous to walk on and access was officially removed after 4 people died on it within a span of two years. Many parts of the walkway had collapsed leaving open holes on an already narrow passage without railings. This however has turned it into an extreme sports attraction.

Plans are to restore El Camino Del Rey, make it safe so as to avoid fatalities and make it once again available to tourists as one of the main attraction in the area. It is possible that the walkway will be privatised in order to speed up the repair works, that however would result in it becoming chargeable to gain access. At the present time there are signs warning and deterring people from gaining access, but it is still possible to get on it and walk it. Visitors do so at their own risk and with the full knowledge that they are breaking the law and risking their lives. It is unlikely that the most dangerous walkway in the world will be officially reopened to the public any sooner than 2012.

The video gives great perception of how insanely dangerous El Camino Del Rey really is. When will you be booking your trip?

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El Camino Del Ray — 2 Comments

  1. As an ex climber I can really appreciate why people do that but that video has got some heart stopping moments. Really miss my climbing. Old age is setting in and I now have arthritis in my elbow. I do still sneak down the rocks, do a couple of easy ones and join the lads for a beer though. Well, it’s not just about the climbing and walking is it?
    Great video though. Thank’s for sharing.

    • Thanks for the visit Steve, I would think you would be safer climbing than walking that ‘footpath’. I agree with you about the beer(s) after the event though. Bill