Medlock Valley Walk

Medlock Valley Walk – Hollinwood Branch Canal & Woodhouses

This Medlock Valley walk starts at the car park just off the A627 Oldham Road at Bardsley. The car park is on the left just before the iron bridge over the River Medlock, travelling towards Oldham.

Walk the short distance downhill to the Hollinwood Branch Canal entrance and turn left to follow the towpath. Anglers use this section of the canal but soon another section is reached which is very overgrown. In in under ¾ mile Sammy’s Basin is reached. Here we turn right and follow the canal towpath to Crime Lake which has an interesting history.

This is an image of the Hollinwood Branch Canal on the Medlock Valley Walk.From Crime Lake this Medlock Valley walk crosses Cutler Hill Road/Stannybrook Road, goes along Ashton Road and over the M60 motorway. It continues on into Woodhouses. After passing the Dog & Partridge public house, or preferably calling in, follow the footpath sign between the two rows of terraced housing which follow.

The path goes over Brookdale golf course and down to Ash Bridge, which crosses the River Medlock. Continue through the trees and uphill to again cross the golf course to a stile at Cinderland Bridge on the Hollinwood Branch Canal. Turn left here and follow the canal, which again becomes overgrown.

The canal, or what is left of it, finishes at the top of Stannybrook Road. Cross the road and go through the area housing the Daisy Nook Visitor Centre, under a metal bridge to the end of the enclosed path. This was formerly where the canal ran but has been filled in for many years.

Just before where the canal starts again bear right, through a stile and gate and drop down into the Medlock Valley. The path meanders above and to the right of the River Medlock and reaches a wide lane. A short distance down this lane take the path signposted on the right, back to the car park, to finish this fine Medlock Valley walk. The walk is exactly 3.74 miles and takes around 1 hour 10 minutes to complete.

This is an image of the map of the Medlock Valley walk.


Medlock Valley Walk — 2 Comments

  1. Canal towpath walking is quite popular here Victoria Marie, as it is no doubt in New Jersey. It’s easy, flat walking that appeals to a lot of people. The golf course is still in use and only in the first crossing do you have to be wary of flying golf balls.

    I too prefer circular walks, as you always arrive back at your transport.

  2. Another wonderful walk for me to take, Bill, if I ever make it over to England. We have canal towpaths in northern New Jersey. They are peaceful, non-strenuous walks along the water’s edge. Some of our New Jersey canals have been filled in also, but the foot paths are still an even walk.

    Is the Brookdale Golf Course still being used, Bill? Wouldn’t you need to duck sometimes so as not to get hit with the golf ball? You cross it twice, you say. Thanks for the map as a visual. I like to hike/walk loops as we just need to have one car parked.

    Happy Spring, Bill, and Happy Easter!