Monyash Walk

Monyash Walk – Along The Limestone Way & Lathkill Dale

This Monyash walk was one I had never done before. Many years ago I completed the 10 mile circuit from Monyash to the River Bradford and the River Lathkill and back to Monyash through Lathkill Dale.

The occasion was a double celebration of the birthdays of my son and daughter, both born in March, to reach 45 and 41. Accompanying us were their respective partners and my four grandchildren. The day was cloudy but fortunately dry, although the paths were extremely muddy. Some decent photographs are published here.

Monyash Walk

The Monyash walk following the red diamonds to Lathkill Dale and the red dashes back along the river to the B5055 road.

We started the Monyash walk from the Bulls Head pub and walked on the path from the church, along the lane to reach The Limestone Way. The path reached Fern Dale and in a short distance we crossed the dry stone wall and headed for One Ash Grange Farm.

A very steep downhill section into Cales Dale followed, which was very slippy due to the damp conditions. A footbridge over the River Lathkill was crossed, then we turned North West in Lathkill Dale. A few cows were on the path, happily munching the grass. With two young children in the party we gave them a wide berth. Eventually the river ran dry and we had to transverse a rocky section near the disused Ricklow Quarry.

The final section of the Monyash walk was on grassland and after navigating the rocky section, this was very welcome. Eventually the B5055 road was reached and a final half mile walk along the grass verges brought us back to the Bulls Head pub.

My two youngest grandchildren, aged 4 and 5, never complained about the four mile walk and took it in their stride. An excellent meal and a couple of drinks followed in the Bulls Head and all too soon we had to say our good byes as we ventured home in opposite directions.


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  1. This is great, Bill. I trust you are feeling well or at least walking better. The trip sounds wonderful, a real family affair. Wonderful to hear your young grandchildren made the walk. We took the twins for their first hike, although it was up a mountainside, when they were four. However, my husband and I carried them back down. The key was frequent rests and snacks. All the best to you, sir.

      • It is always key to start good habits or interests when kids are young. If you are lucky, you can make lifelong hikers/walkers of them. Truly hope you are feeling well, sir, and enjoying the outdoors.

  2. I agree on the starting them young principle, it does seem to make a lifetime habit of activities in most cases. Playing golf at the moment, which entails a 5 mile walk, with distractions!

  3. Wonderful, Bill! I always think golf is better played when you walk from hole to hole. A golf bag with wheels helps. Now I hope the distractions are going well. My husband plays once in a while. I’m more like the kids; we’re a miniature golf type of people. All the best to you, sir!

    • The old adage ‘Golf Is A Good Walk Spoiled’ is certainly true in my case. The way I play turns what should be a 4 mile walk into a 5½ mile walk. Unless you have a severe disability, using a golf buggy defeats the object of getting exercise.

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