Noosa Coastal Path

Noosa Coastal Path – A Real Queensland Gem

On a recent visit to Asia and Australia one of the highlights was walking the Noosa Coastal Path in Queensland.

Noosa is 100 miles/160 kilometres north of Brisbane on the appropriately named Sunshine Coast. It is a beautiful area and was certainly the best location visited on the trip. The Noosa Coastal Path, although only 3½ miles/5.4 kilometres in length from Noosa Heads to Sunshine Beach, is a delightful coastal walk.

The walk begins at the Noosa Heads section of the Noosa National Park and takes in some splendid beaches and ocean views. We were fortunate enough to see Koala Bears climbing the gum trees near the start of the walk.

Noosa Coastal Path

Sunshine Beach

Walking through the woodland with the ocean to the left we came to Tea Tree Bay, a non swimming area due to undercurrents. Dolphin Point was the next headland followed by Winch Cove and Picnic Cove in Granite Bay, another non swimming area.

The headland at Hell’s Gates led to the long beach at Alexandria Bay, a nudist beach. After a lengthy walk along the sands it was then a climb up near Lion Rock and Devils Kitchen. Finally the path descended steeply by steps to Sunshine Beach.

Another ¾ mile/1.2 kilometre walk along the sands and we arrived at the Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club where much needed liquid refreshments were taken. The Noosa Coastal Path walk was listed as 2 to 3 hours and it actually took 2 hours 15 minutes. The heat at 35ºc wasn’t conducive to fast walking but it was certainly well worth the effort.

The many beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast and the Noosa Coastal Path are all clean, free from litter and a sun worshippers paradise. If you are ever in Australia and Queensland in particular a visit to Noosa is highly recommended.


Noosa Coastal Path — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, Bill! You certainly are a world traveller. Interesting names to all the coves and beaches in Queensland. It looks like a wonderful walk. Just a question. When you walk in/on sand, do you keep your shoes on? I find I need to walk any length in the firmer sand whenever I walk on a beach.

    • Yes Victoria Marie, I do keep my boots on, or in this case trainers. I always walk along the shoreline where the sand is firmer.