Offa’s Dyke Path

Offa’s Dyke Path – Chepstow To Prestatyn 

Offa’s Dyke Path was our choice of National Trail in May 2007. We had read good reports about the trail and also had recommendations from fellow walkers. We travelled by train to Chepstow and after dropping off our baggage decided to start the Offa’s Dyke Path that afternoon.

It was only a short walk of 1½ miles, as the Offa’s Dyke Path starts on the coastal side of Chepstow at Sedbury Cliffs. This overlooks the Severn Bridge and the mudflats of the River Severn. 

Offa's Dyke Path starting point.Day 1 Chepstow To Monmouth (16 miles).

The Offa’s Dyke Path follows the River Wye at Chepstow and there is a great view of Chepstow Castle. The path runs above the limestone cliffs and reaches Wintour’s Leap, a great viewpoint over the river. Soon Dennel Hill was reached and the next 3 miles was through woodland covered in bluebells and wild garlic. Two excellent viewpoints on the woodland path were Plumweir Cliff and Devil’s Pulpit.   

At Brockweir there is a choice of two routes on the Offa’s Dyke Path. The higher of the two routes goes over St Briavels Common, while the lower route follows the River Wye. We decided to take the river path, which runs for the next 3 miles. The two paths meet up again at Bigsweir. It was mainly woodland for the next 3½ miles to Lower Redbrook. 

Another 2 miles and we arrived at the Naval Temple and Round House, now National trust properties. This spot provided good views down to Monmouth. From here it was all downhill to Monmouth, the journey only broken by a pub stop before the town. Our accommodation for the evening, the Queen’s Head Hotel was a disaster. The rooms and bathrooms were filthy and judging by the Trip Advisor reviews in 2012, it hasn’t changed much. The only consolation was that we did not pay for the rooms or breakfast.

After complaining and getting the rooms clean, or as clean as possible, we were offered complimentary drinks before going out for a curry meal. The breakfast was inedible and how such places stay in business is a mystery. 

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