Offa’s Dyke Path 4

Offa’s Dyke Path 4 – Chepstow To Prestatyn

Offa’s Dyke Path 4 continues the May 2007 journey on this National Trail and long distance footpath.

Offa's Dyke Path 4Day 5 – Kington To Knighton (14 miles)

The first day of Offa’s Dyke Path 4 started with a rather steep climb up to skirt Bradnor Hill, the home of the highest golf course in England at 1,284 ft/ 390 metres. Next was a climb up to Rushock Hill, then a circle of Herrock Hill. This was lovely countryside walking in sunny weather. The days walk continued through woods and fields, then over the River Lugg at Dolley Old Bridge. A steady climb followed up to Furrow Hill and Hawthorn Hill, past Frydd and down through Frydd Wood and on to Knighton. We reached our accommodation at the Horse and Jockey and had a Guinness or three to celebrate.

Offa's Dyke Path 4Day 6 – Knighton To Mellington (15 miles)

A very steep climb up to Panpunton Hill wasn’t the best beginning on Offa’s Dyke Path 4 after a night on the beer. A mile and a quarter later the viewpoint at Cwm-sanaham Hill was reached. Then followed a succession of short steep climbs and descents. Llanfair Hill, Springhill, Hergan, down to Churchtown and up to Edenhope Hill, through Nut Wood and finally down through the grounds to our accommodation for the night at Mellington Hall. This proved to be an excellent place to stop with good food and wine to round off a tiring day.  

Offa's Dyke Path 4Day 7 Mellington To Buttington Bridge (13 miles)

This was the final days walking on the first week of the Offa’s Dyke path. It was flat farmland walking at first, passing Montgomery to the west, over the River Camlad and then passing the village of Kingswood. From there the path started rising through Leighton Woods and up to the masts at Beacon Ring Hill Fort.

Finally it was all downhill to Buttington Bridge, then a taxi to our accommodation in Welshpool. We had covered 107¼ miles on this first week of the Offa’s Dyke Path and would complete the National Trail in 2008.

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