Madeiran Walks

Madeiran Walks – Two Great Scenic Levada Walks

Maderian Walks are always great occasions on this Atlantic island, with stunning scenery and some of the best flora found anywhere in the world.

Two of the prettiest Madeiran Walks are found in the Eastern side of this lush island. Levada do Canical is in the South East and Levada do Castelejo is in the North East.

Levada do Canical

This walk starts high up at the village of Marocos and slowly winds it’s way over 7 miles through the many Ribeira’s (river valleys). The first is Ribeira das Cales, then 45 minutes later comes Ribeira Grande with it’s delightful landscape.

Madeiran Walks

At around 1 hour a bar can be sighted across the valley and although seeming in touching distance there is a sting in the tail. Many twists and turns into shorter valleys and 20 minutes later you arrive at Bar Jacare where a welcome cooling drink awaits you.

Next up is Ribeira da Noia, a peaceful place where the Mimosa trees are plentiful and colour is everywhere. Finally Ribeira Seca is reached from where the resort of Machico can be seen below and the Desertas Islands glimmer in the distance.

All too soon after around 2 hours 45 minutes the walk finishes at the Canical tunnel. Crossing the road and heading uphill Pico do Facho can be reached where fantastic views of the South East of the island are to be found.

Levada do Castelejo

Although this walk can be extended to reach the source of the levada at Ribeira Frio, on this occasion we take the shorter walk from Referta to the village of Cruz. This number 2 of the Madeiran Walks is a short one, only 3 miles but the valley is lush and peaceful.

Madeiran Walks

The walk starts down the road from the village of Referta at the Cruz da Guarda turn off. The lavada is picked up at the bend and soon a small tunnel is reached (no torch required). Soon the valley with the strange name of Temte Nao Caias (hold on watch you don’t fall) opens out to give some glorious scenery.

The amount of physical hard work it must have taken the locals to form these cultivated terraces can only be imagined as some of the terrain is 45 degrees or less.

Crops grow abundantly in this valley and with the flora it makes a delightful walk. There are some fantastic views of the coastal town of Porto da Cruz and the imposing height of Penha de Aguia 450 metres/1,475 ft in the distance.

The walk soon ends unfortunately and the tarmac road at Cruz is soon reached. From here it is a 10 minute walk downhill to the Cruz crossroads and my favourite bar on Madeira, the Adega de Cruz. Sitting in the sunshine gazing down at the bay at Porto da Cruz and the shining Atlantic finishes off one of the great Madeiran Walks.

Walking Football

Walking Football – The Older Generation Are Still Playing The Beautiful Game

Walking Football Tameside Glossop have older people still playing the beautiful game even in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. Sponsored by local football club Stalybridge Celtic FC, we run 3 sessions, one or more of which is suitable for anyone wishing to get some exercise, play competitively or even just make new friends.

Although this blog is dedicated to hiking, there are still many people to whom this post may be of interest.

Our most basic Walking Football session is on a Wednesday at Medlock Leisure Centre, Droylsden, where we run a gentler game suitable for those with disabilities or who are looking to get out of the house and get some much needed exercise. The next step up in our Walking Football sessions is on a Monday evening at Astley Sports Village, Dukinfield where the game is more competitive although some people who attend the Wednesday session also take part. The final and most serious session is on a Saturday at Copley Academy, Stalybridge which is a full blown game of small sided traditional football.

Walking Football

Vintage Celtic Players At The 2015 Stalybridge Festival

Vintage Celtic play in tournaments, leagues and even festivals abroad. The squad is picked from the Saturday and Monday sessions and we have been reasonably successful in our first year by winning 2 tournaments and coming runners up in 3 others.

Many new friendships have been forged over the past year and we often end the sessions by enjoying a beer or three in a local hostelry aka our headquarters. We also have nights out together from time to time and support our sponsors Stalybridge Celtic FC whenever we can.

If you would like to start taking some exercise, why not join us and make new friends. Give us a call on either of the numbers below.

Bill Murney 07443 900290
Brian Coll 07785 735573