Peddars Way 2

Peddars Way 2 – A UK National Trail In Norfolk

Peddars Way 2 continues the walk on this 49 miles National Trail and long distance footpath. Castle Acre to Holme next the Sea finishes the journey, although we did continue on the trail to Hunstanton, which is part of the Norfolk Coast Path.

Peddars Way 2Day 3 Castle Acre To Sedgeford (14¼ miles)

After the previous nights fiasco and with our accommodation being atrocious, we were glad to get back on the path of Peddars Way 2. We left Castle Acre and the path actually ran alongside the main road for 3½ miles. Eventually we were on a track again and we noticed a path running by a radio transmitter to Great Massingham. After a breakfast consisting of toast and herbal tea, we were in need of sustenance. The Dabbling Duck at Great Massingham didn’t disappoint in this respect.

Although a mile off the Peddars Way 2 path, it was well worth the detour. Great Massingham is a lovely picturesque village with a large duckpond. It is almost a throw back to England of old, before our treacherous politicians ruined the country. After a good lunch and a drink or two we regained the path and headed north west in a straight line for almost 11 miles to our turn off for the night at Sedgeford.

Another mile off the Peddars Way 2 path took us to our excellent accommodation at Park View and our hostelry for the evening, the King William IV in Sedgeford. This was an excellent village pub and after a great meal we joined the quiz night, in which we came 5th out of 6 groups.

Peddars Way 2Day 4 Sedgeford To Hunstanton via Holme next the Sea (10 miles)

After a great breakfast at Park View, we rejoined the Peddars Way 2 trail. 3½ miles into the walk we entered the village of Ringstead. Like Great Massingham this was a lovely spot with a huge flowering horse chestnut tree in the middle of the village.

With today’s walk being only 10 miles, we had a late start, so we were in time for drinks in the Gin Trap Inn at Ringstead. The pub also had a flowering horse chestnut tree in it’s frontage.

It was while enjoying a drink here that we noticed four ladies pondering whether to call in or not. They were obviously walking the Peddars Way as well but they carried on without being tempted by the pub. We were to meet up with them many times during the week.

Another 2 miles further on and we were at the Holme next the Sea crossroads. We still had to walk to Hunstanton but had plenty of time. We walked into Holme next the Sea for a visit to the White Horse pub. This again was a delightful place with some very attractive dwellings.

We were staying in Hunstanton and as this walk from Holme next the Sea was actually part of the Norfolk Coast Path, we had knocked off a few miles from the following days journey.

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Peddars Way 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Bill, you have a wonderful group of friends to walk all over creation with. Lucky you. I love the names of the pubs and inns, the photos are great. The photo in your video of the gentleman in the raincoat reminded me of when I went backpacking with my son and daughter on the Appalachian Trail here on the East Coast of the United States. We wore rain ponchos over our packs and looked very much like Quasimodo. I’m enjoying your journeys around and about England and Scotland. If I ever make it over there, I know where to start my walks. Although I’m not sure I could walk for miles like you and your cohorts do. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Victoria Marie, the guy in the cape is me. I bought it because I was sick of losing rucksack covers in the wind. It may look ridiculous but it certainly works. Glad you like the posts and yes my pals are all fine fellows, even if they do drink too much. As Lauren Bacall said of Bogart, “I have never met a man worth a damn who didn’t drink too much”.