Rocher Vale And Hartshead

Rocher Vale And Hartshead – A Quiet Circular Walk

Rocher Vale and Hartshead is a quiet circular walk from the Park Bridge Heritage Centre, through the quiet Rocher Vale, to Higher Hartshead and back.

This is an image of part of the walk Rocher Vale And Hartshead.Starting at the Park Bridge Heritage Centre, the Rocher Vale and Hartshead route goes left before the bridge over the River Medlock. Follow the path on the left side of the river for just over ¾ mile. This is part of the Oldham Way and the waymarks can be seen at various points on the route. Be careful in wet conditions as the occasional boardwalks can be very slippery. Follow the waymarks to cross a stile in a fence near a small building and take the track uphill to the opening at Abbey Hills Road. Cross the road and turn right heading for the junction.

At the junction look for the footpath sign directly ahead and walk down through the small
wooded enclosure, then uphill to a stile. Ahead is a farm at Little Lees. Head for a stile left of the farm. Turn left on the wide path between two fences, then cross another stile which leads to a track up to Higher Hartshead. In ¼ mile it reaches a direction signpost. Take the direction indicated to Park Bridge.

Eventually Twirl Hill Road is reached, turn right here heading for Lees Road. Cross the road and go through the entrance by the gate on the right. Follow the lane to a stile to the right of the white house. The path goes through a field and downhill back to the bridge over the River Medlock and back to the visitors centre at Park Bridge.

The Rocher Vale and Hartshead walk is graded moderate, is 3.4 miles in length and takes 1 hour 25 minutes. Full mapping and route finding text is available in Walk In Tameside – Northern Tameside.

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