Saddleworth Walk

Saddleworth Walk – Castleshaw Reservoirs, Delph, Heights Circular

Saddleworth has some of the best scenery and attractive villages in the Greater Manchester area. This Saddleworth walk is around the Castleshaw/Delph/Heights areas. See map.

This particular walk Saddleworth walk starts at the public car parking area on Waterworks Road near the Castleshaw Centre for outdoor and environmental education. From the car park join Cote Lane, near the old Castleshaw Roman Fort and turn left along the southern edge of the Castleshaw Lower Reservoir. At the reservoir corner go down steps and through the gate to Hull Brook then turn left to follow the brook to Hull Mill Dam. After the dam the path carries on to come out near the White Lion public house in Delph.

This is an image of the Saddleworth walk from Castleshaw to Delph and Heights.Go round the front and side of the pub and then continue on up Denshaw Road for a short distance to Lodge Lane. Where Lodge Lane divides take the middle track signposted ‘Horseshoe Trail’. This eventually finishes at the properties at the top of the lane. Following the signposted directions carry on through the fields up to the Royal Oak public house on Broad Lane at Heights. If the weather is favourable and the pub is open, a drink sat outside while admiring the views is highly recommended.

Continue this Saddleworth walk by climbing up Broad Lane to a crossroads. From the crossroads take the signposted direction on the right heading downhill towards Wood Farm. Wood Farm is above the north east side of Castleshaw Lower Reservoir. Going past the farm entrance leads to the access road at Castleshaw Upper Reservoir. It’s then a case of following the track around Castleshaw Upper Reservoir to Dirty Lane then Cote Lane and back to the car park and starting point.

This Saddleworth walk is 4.55 miles in length and takes a leisurely 1 hour 40 minutes. 


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  1. Hi Bill, received the new one you sent, will do it soon thanks, and your Marsden one when you advise us doing the one-way first.
    Cheers Alan

    • Alan, I will be posting the Marsden one soon but adding a recommendation to miss part of it.

  2. Hi Bill, just to add a list of good short afternoon walks for anyone , as us, new to walking or just new to the area and want a good taste of the available walks you have listed and sent me. I can recommend all these local walks, we have done over & over this last six months , on our doorstep, we never new existed.
    The Delph Circular, Castleshaw Circular, Dovestones, Yeoman Hey, Greenfield Reservoirs Circular, Greenfield-Tame Valley Way-Diggle-Diglea-Huddersfield Canal Circular. Variations you can amend to your choice as you learn the area. These will give a real taste and geography of what’s on offer with a safe structured detailed walk. Just the job now the weather is looking like warming. Follow Bill’s walks and even the best pubs, ice cream /scones stops are listed, virtual time scaled so you can plan your itinerary and lunch!
    Cheers Bill.

  3. Hi Bill,

    I’m wondering if you could enlighten me about this area of your country. Is Dobcross near where Cote was in 1851? I’m not certain how things have changed or place names but you seem to be acquainted with the area and I was hoping you could answer this question. Your website is a wonderful source of information for me as I study my family’s history in England. I appreciate your hard work for this project you have going on! Happy walking to you!!

  4. Hi Bill, Thanks for sending the Greenfield, Tame Valley Way, Diggle, Diglea, Huddersfield Canal Circular pdf.
    Due to a family stag/wedding we have been busy for a couple of weekends but we have done this walk twice now and all enjoyed it . What a nice surprise, Granpa Green’s Cafe on the Canal at Diggle, great scones. All being well we should be on the Delph circular this Sunday too. Great afternoon again.

    Cheers Bill

    • Hi Alan, many thanks for the feedback, it’s appreciated. I’m glad you all enjoyed the walk, I will email you another one. I’ve not tried the scones at Grandpa Greene’s but do like the ice cream. It’s a nice place to stop on a sunny day. Bill

  5. Hi Bill, very new to walking so Googled Saddleworth as a start and discovered your “Walks In Saddleworth – Castleshaw Reservoirs, Delph, Heights Circular”. Downloaded it and did the walk last Sunday. Great walk, simple instructions so we couldn’t go wrong and enjoyed it. Many thanks for a very enjoyable Sunday. Do you have any ideas for similar around the Dovestones/Greenfield or similar area please, longer not a problem. Cheers.

    • Thanks for the visit Alan. Glad that you enjoyed the walk and the instructions were OK. At the moment I am writing an eBook on ‘Walks In Saddleworth’ which will contain the walk you did but with more detailed route finding. There will be walks in the Dovestone and Chew Valley areas and some will be longer and more strenous.

      I will email you a PDF with a sample walk from the book. Keep in touch, I value your comments and feedback. Bill

  6. Hey hi Bill,

    Being here in New York City, it’s so nice to come over here and check out all these beautiful wide open spaces. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

    Love your taste in music too Bill. Catch you later,

    Terry Conti

    • I have never liked cities Terry, I much prefer peace and quiet myself but I can see the attraction with lots of things to do and see. Glad you liked the music. Bill

  7. Wow! Your website looks fantastic Bill. Things have certainly come together here.

    And thanks for dropping by occasionally.

    Speak soon.


    • Thanks for the compliment Don, It’s a long term project as I intend to add ebooks for all the surrounding areas too – if I’m around that long! Bill