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This is not a post about walking or walking routes. It is a post about two Tameside blogs that I enjoy reading. The first one Tameside Citizen, as the name implies, posts about all things concerning the citizens of Tameside. This first of the two Tameside blogs covers local town news, injustices, traffic and road problems and planning. Wildlife, local politics and the antics of local councillors are also included. Tameside Citizen praises any good service he has received from local and national traders.

One of Tameside Citizens recent posts brought back memories of the shops in the industrial area I was brought up. This was in the 40’s and 50’s in Bradford, Manchester or Eastlands as it’s now ridiculously known. Here’s the link to the article regarding one of the remaining tripe shops still trading Stalybridge: Home Of The Last Tripe Shop In Greater Manchester.  

Another of Tameside Citizens recent posts concerns a subject I am passionate about, walking local footpaths. He has produced a great video of his trek in blizzard conditions in my favourite walking spots in Tameside, Hollingworthall Moor and the surrounding area.

The Tameside Citizen blog is well worth a regular visit for local residents – highly recommended. 

This is an image of Curmudgeon one of the Tameside blogs in this post.The second of the two Tameside blogs is written by a gentleman who goes by the nom de plume of Curmudgeon, which in itself is explanatory. Read his ‘About Me’ section on his blog which gives an insight into this Tameside blogs purpose. Curmudgeon is a terrific wordsmith and used to write a weekly column for the Tameside Reporter. His articles were applauded and appreciated by the majority of it’s readers. The demise of the old Reporter and it’s relaunch by new owners New Charter Housing Group meant that Curmudgeon’s column was dropped, for reasons no doubt of a political nature.

Curmudgeon’s blog in some respects mirrors Tameside Citizens blog in that they both rant against local politicians. Curmudgeon’s blog also carries on the campaign on a national level. His posts on the failure of the coalition government and opposition on most levels of concern to the ordinary citizen are a joy to read. His opinions on the ineffective law and order and the justice system in this country are ones that most sensible people in the UK would agree with. Then of course his comments on the EU and all that is wrong with it, are acknowledged by all of an anti EU persuasion. 

Curmudgeon’s blog is updated regularly and is a must read for all people who dislike the way this country is now run by ineffectual, greedy, self promoting politicians. Again highly recommended. 


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  1. just a shot in the dark,but your bio seems to ring a bell.
    Would you be the “BILL” of the Ashton diss. anno “thought police”episode?

    just a thought!!

  2. Great site, I love Tameside,s walks, lots of natural beauty everywhere you look.

  3. Bill, I loved watching the video of a walk on a snowy day in Tameside. I didn’t realize that Tameside is a town. I love walking in nature, especially when it snows.

    Wild Bank Hill, is this some of the land I hear in England called the moors? Did you follow a path or just cross the hills? I liked seeing the stiles that you climb over to get up and over the stone fences. I read English authors, sometimes, and now I have a visual of the countryside.

    This is wonderful. You’ve taken me to England on your walk on a snowy day. Thank you sooo much, Bill.

    • Tameside is a borough Victoria Marie. The borough consists of 9 small towns. Yes, Wild Bank Hill is moorland near the Pennine Hills and just outside an area known as The Peak District – The Dark Peak Area. There is also a part quite near called The White Peak Area.

      The video was not shot by me, it was shot by a blogging friend and I thought it so good I would include it here. It is a recognised footpath route that I have walked many times and gives great views all around on a clear day. Bill