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Tameside Citizen & The Effects Of Age On HikingĀ 

A recent post by Tameside Citizen got me thinking about the effects of age on hiking. Tameside Citizen often posts on walks in Tameside, especially walks on the hills above Stalybridge, on and around Hollingworthall Moor.

Tameside Citizen commented on this Tameside walk as follows.

“I acted upon the advice of a commenter to this blog who suggested trying another route to the Wild Bank Hill triangulation point. The commenter suggested walking up the steep incline facing Walkerwood Reservoir which makes for a more a challenging walk. Well, they weren’t wrong! Compared to the route I usually take, the walk up the steep hill over the moss and rocks was totally exhausting. After my tenth or eleventh stop for a rest I realised that however much you try and keep fit, eventually the ageing process will catch up with you and sap your stamina.”

This is an image of the type of terrain Tameside Citizen posts on. How very true Tameside Citizen’s summing up is. I often used to walk distances of 20-25 miles per day. This was when walking National Trails or long distance footpaths. The furthest I ever walked in one day was 33 miles. This was a charity walk in aid of a local junior football club. Even at the time, 20 years ago and still under 50, I had no wish to repeat it.

Nowadays the 4 of us who still walk these trails limit ourselves to 12-16 miles. We do have the odd occasion when there is no choice but to walk 18-20 miles. This due to where our accommodation for the night is situated. Walking on the flat is no problem but walking uphill does take me far longer than it used to.

At one time my wife and myself would pass 99% of other walkers going up a mountain. Now we are lucky to pass 10% of other walkers. It is now us that are normally overtaken. There are still quite a few older people who can still walk long distances but I feel they are the slim ones, carrying no body weight. The Tameside walks we now undertake are 10 miles maximum.

I know at one time I could walk 3 miles + per hour, now it’s more like 2.5 mph on the flat and 2 mph uphill. Has age effected your walking capabilities?

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