Tameside Water Walk

Tameside Water Walk – River Tame & Peak Forest Canal

This Tameside water walk takes in the River Tame in Denton and the Peak Forest Canal in Hyde. Starting at the Dunkirk Lane car park in Hyde join the Peak Forest Canal towpath and head left past the boatyard. In ¼ mile take the signposted direction for Jet Amber Fields. This path leads through fields to the River Tame. Cross the bridge and turn immediately right to follow the river. Steps going up to the left lead back to the river.

This is an image of the Peak Forest Canal in Tameside water walk.Follow the path along the river and then uphill which eventually leads to a housing estate. Turn left on a wider track and left again at the signpost for Newton Hall/Dunkirk Lane. Cross the bridge over the River Tame and follow the path by the river to go under the M67 motorway at Broomstair. Cross the road, turn right and first left into Watson Street to follow the dirt lane and the track back to the river. The Tameside water walk crosses Mill Lane and then continues by the river to Gibraltar Bridge.

Cross Gibraltar Bridge near the weir over the River Tame and head up the path opposite taking the enclosed cobbled walkway up to the Peak Forest Canal. Turn left on this Tameside water walk and continue by the Peak Forest Canal. This is part of the Cheshire Ring Canal Walk. Follow the canal which goes past a boat mooring area and under the A57 Manchester Road at Hyde. The route continues along the canal towpath, goes under the M67 motorway and reaches the car parking area at Dunkirk Lane.

This Tameside water walk is 5.4 miles in length and takes 1 hour 55 minutes. The full mapping and route finding text is available in Walks In Tameside – Volume 2 Southern Tameside.


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  1. Hi Terry

    It’s good to see you back in circulation mate, I trust you have got some order back in your life since the loss of your father, it does take time.

    I have regularly checked your blog for updates during the last few months and realised you had more important matters to attend to. Yes, I live in some good walking country but fortunately there is no dangerous wildlife around. There are walks and longer hikes of all kinds, flat riverside walks, rugged moorland walks etc, etc.

    I decided to close my old blog as it wasn’t serving any real purpose in the IM field and concentrate on one of my passions. I am becoming quite proficient at the videos now, after spending some time learning how to make them in WLMM.

    Now you are back in the fold I will be popping over as soon as I finish my current workload.


  2. Hey Bill,

    How have you been? I truly hope life finds you well. I know, it’s been a while. It’s good to be back blogging. Wow how things change! I like this website, it’s nice to see you are making good videos.

    The one above is a great walk. Would love being out there what looks like the country. Any wild animals to watch out for? Gators? Bears? Not that it would be a problem if you had a weapon.

    Don’t get me wrong I love it all but it looks like more of a hike than just a walk. The scenery is breath taking but from what I can see there are some rough spots.

    Will be coming back and checking out more of this website. I loved some of the content you had on your old site although from what I can see here you haven’t lost your touch for good taste.

    Nice to be visiting here Bill, catch you later,

    Terry Conti

  3. Hi Bill.
    Just been looking at some of your videos. You sure have got some stunning scenery around Tameside. Have not noticed the videos before. Are they new?

    • Hi Steve, I suppose like most locations people don’t know or appreciate what they have on their doorstep. I have been adding videos for a while now, they give a better idea of what the walks are like rather than just narrative.

      • I have two dogs Bill.
        The one thing that has always given me is a good excuse to go walking locally. I have one dog who loves the woods and the other loves open space. You could say that this gives me the best of both worlds.
        As I have said before, I have spent many happy weekends in the Peak District (when I was climbing).
        We have some lovely countryside around Sussex but just not in the same league as your area.
        Who knows, maybe when things slow down, I will re-visit some of my old haunts and look you up for a pint.

        • With two dogs then you have to go walking Steve. I would imagine that you are quite close to The South Downs Way which is a long distance footpath that is on our list of ones ‘to do’. The pint or three sounds good Steve if you are ever up this way.