Tour Of Tameside 3

Tour Of Tameside 3 – Werneth Low To Stalybridge

Tour Of Tameside 3 is the second section of this circular walk, an alternative route to the Tameside Trail. The tour visits all 9 towns in the borough, albeit some of them only briefly. Some parts of the route are the same as the Tameside Trail, this is unavoidable. The Tour Of Tameside is an anti-clockwise walk and keeps to the countryside or waterways and only short sections are on roads.

This is an image of the cenotaph at Hackingknife on Tour Of Tameside 3.

Tour Of Tameside 3 starts at the Lower Higham Visitor Centre at Werneth Low, Hyde then proceeds over Hackingknife, Idle Hill and down Cock Brow to the hamlet of Lumn. It then continues down through Back Wood to Botham’s Hall. From Botham’s Hall the route goes up to the entrance to Great Wood and through the wood on the south side of the railway line, on to Hodgefold and through the wood on the north side of the railway line. Hurst Clough is reached and eventually Broadbottom Road at Mottram.

Tour Of Tameside 3 then crosses farmland and a takes a short section of road to the village of Warhill in Mottram. From Warhill the path continues through the cemetery and soon reaches the busy Market Street in Mottram. A short section on Stalybridge Road and the A6018 Roe Cross Road is crossed. Next, Mottram Old Hall is passed and a section through fields again reaches the A6018. Finally the track goes via Lower Roe Cross, below Harrop Edge and Roe Cross to reach the Wagon and Horses public house in Stalybridge.

The section is  graded moderate. It is 6.0 miles in length and takes around 2 hours 40 minutes to complete. The complete Tour Of Tameside, with full mapping and route finding text is now available and will be free to anyone purchasing either of the two volumes of Walks In Tameside.

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