Tour Of Tameside 4

Tour Of Tameside 4 – Stalybridge To Park Bridge 

Tour Of Tameside 4 is the fourth and final section of this circular walk, an alternative route to the Tameside Trail. The tour visits all 9 towns in the borough, albeit some of them only briefly. Some parts of the route are the same as the Tameside Trail, this is unavoidable. The Tour Of Tameside is an anti-clockwise walk and keeps to the countryside or waterways and only short sections are on roads.

This is an image of the trig point at Wild Bank Hill On Tour Of Tameside 4.Tour Of Tameside 4 starts at the Wagon & Horses Public House on the A6018 Mottram Road, Stalybridge and goes up to Hobson Moor Road in Mottram and then up over the fields to the trig point on Wild Bank Hill. There are splendid views at Wild Bank Hill over Tameside and Manchester and on a clear day the observatory at Jodrell Bank can be seen.

From Wild Bank Hill the path crosses Hollingworthall Moor to the Higher Swineshaw Reservoir and then takes the track below Harridge Pike to Carrbrook .

At Carrbrook the route goes by Heyheads and past the Huddersfield Narrow Canal to reach the River Tame at the A635 Manchester Road. The path then climbs steadily uphill past Scout Farm and up to Mossley Cross.

The last stage of Tour Of Tameside 4 first goes uphill again on Broadcarr Lane and up to Hartshead Pike. After Hartshead Pike the climbing is now done and finally it’s all downhill through Higher Hartshead and Port Mahon to Rocher Vale and the finish at Park Bridge. It is a walk with a fair bit of climbing, is the toughest of all four sections and is graded hard. It is 9.8 miles in length and takes around 4 hours to complete.

The complete Tour Of Tameside, with full mapping and route finding text is now available and will be free to anyone purchasing either of the two volumes of Walks In Tameside.

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Tour Of Tameside 4 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Bill,

    That’s an interesting walk with lots to view along the way. That stump monument that was in the video, what is it about? It seemed to small to be a watch post and a big large for a remembrance stone.

    I noticed the walk starts at a pub and I have no doubt it ends near one as well 😉 Do you have a driver to bring the car to the end point?

    Congratulations on getting the products complete and ready for sale Bill.

    Best of luck with everything mate,


    • Hi Barry, the old stump was the site of a previous smaller tower see for more details. The walk starts at the pub because the pub just happens to be near the route! honestly, and unfortunately it doesn’t end near a pub, not this section anyway. Do you think I am an alky? Best not to answer that.

      With the walks in this book being linear I use public transport to and from the start and finish, not ideal but they run fairly regularly. This particular product will be a freebie for anyone buying either of the two ebooks I produced. Bill