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  1. Oh my gosh, Bill. I don’t think I’ve ever gone 15 or 20 miles at one shot. Bravo to you. I think you’re doing great having accomplished 2 miles already. Slow and easy is the way to build up your stamina, and new knees. All the best to you, sir.

    • I must admit that I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for walking any distance. Another disadvantage of growing older I suppose. Of the six of us who walked the National Trails and long distance footpaths in the UK, only two are still active.

      • As long as you’re feeling better, sir. That’s the important thing. You can pick and choose where to walk and how long to walk for now. Or share the adventure vicariously through your two active friends who venture upon the longer trails. All best to you, sir!

        • Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever Victoria Marie but we always have our memories of wonderful times and nobody can take those away. Thanks for your visit.

          • Well said, Bill. My children are now discovering the treasure of our family memories and adventures. I hope they start to have some of their own to put down in photos and words. That’s the good thing, Bill. You’ve documented a lot of your adventures here on the pages of your blog. I hope you continue to enjoy sunshine where you are and enjoy the fresh air wherever you can find it!

            • Your children certainly have an abundance of adventures and memories that many could only dream about. I hope they realise how special their parents are to have given them such adventures during their childhood.

              • Thank you for your kind words, Bill. Yes, we do have “an abundance of adventures.” We are truly blessed. I give what I’ve always wanted–adventure and travel. Here’s hoping the children will desire some of their own. I hope you are well and possibly taking a few walks here and there. All best to you, sir!

                • The world would be a far better place if parents such as yourselves made the effort to spend quality time with their children.

                  • First, thank you so much for the compliment. I would be lost without my family. And second, what you said is so true. Our children grow before we know it. Why not make the time as special as possible for both you and your children? Does it take effort? Yes, sometimes it takes great effort to get things to turn out right and for everybody to be happy. All I know is that my husband and I wanted to see this beautiful world together, and we wanted to be sure the kids had the opportunity as well.

                    I hope you are well and that the weather is fine where you are. We’re getting lots of rain and thunder storms. All best, sir.

                    • So a lot of rain is a surprise, Bill? I must admit our summer this time is wetter than usual. Usually by August, we’re in a drought. The dampness does bother me, though. I hope you are well, sir.

                    • Hi Victoria Marie, after a lot of thought I have decided to close down this site when the hosting expires in November. I have had some great times walking in the UK and abroad with friends and family but my enthusiasm for the activity has unfortunately diminished considerably due to my mobility problems.

                      Nothing lasts forever but the memories will and I thank you for your many comments over the years. All the best to you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year, Bill! I hope your holiday was filled with family and friends. I also hope all is going well with the knee replacement and that you’re back to walking distances. I wish you health and miles this 2019. All best to you, sir.

    • All the best to you and yours Victoria Marie. Can only manage just over 2 miles at present, hopefully will be able to increase the distance over the next few months. I think my days of 15 to 20 miles are long gone.