Walk In Saddleworth

Walk In Saddleworth – Tame Valley Way, Huddersfield Narrow Canal Circular

This walk in Saddleworth is a flat stroll starting from Greenfield. It goes along the Tame Valley Way and Pennine Bridleway to Diglea. The walk returns along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal through Uppermill and back to Greenfield.

This is an image of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal in walk in Saddleworth.The walk in Saddleworth starts at the parking area near the junction of Huddersfield Road and Manchester Road, Greenfield. It proceeds along the track of the old Diggle to Stalybridge railway line known as the Micklehurst Loop. The link will give you a great informative article about the old line written by former Dobcross resident Paul Willis.

The Micklehurst Loop opened in 1886 but the passenger service only lasted until 1917. The line closed in 1966, leaving only a short length for the coal traffic at Hartshead Power Station in Heyrod, which finally ceased to operate in 1972.  

The track of this walk in Saddleworth crosses the River Tame and heads up through Uppermill and finally through the outskirts of Diggle to Diglea. You may wish to call in at the Diggle Hotel for refreshments, which I often do and can recommend. Next step is to cross the railway bridge and turn into the car parking area on Sam Road. This leads through to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the entrance to the Standedge Tunnel, which was built by Thomas Telford.

At 3 miles 220 yards, it is the longest, highest and deepest canal tunnel in Britain. The tunnel originally opened in 1811, cost £123,804 and the gates were closed to traffic in the 1950’s. The tunnel was open once more to boats on 1st May 2001, restoration costing more than £5,000,000. 

This particular one of the walks in Saddleworth continues along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal through Diggle and Uppermill. It passes underneath the viaduct near the Brownhill Visitor Centre and continues to the dirt track on Calf Lane. A short walk up Calf Lane leads back to the starting point.

Full mapping and route finding text of this walk in Saddleworth will be available in the eBook ‘Walks In Saddleworth’ later next year. 


Walk In Saddleworth — 4 Comments

  1. I used to live in Tameside and some of the walks in areas here, and surrounding areas, such as just past Droylsden – are beautiful. Looking forward to the eBook.

  2. How nice of you to mention me again Bill! This is a lovely walk – one that I did many times especially on dull winter days when I didn’t fancy the moor tops! Good luck with the e book next year. Let me know when it is ready
    Kind regards

    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for the visit. Yes it’s a great walk whatever the weather. I did leave a comment on your blog regarding asking if you minded me creating a link to your article but realised that you must have missed it and took the decision that you wouldn’t mind.

      When the eBook is ready Paul I will send you a copy but you may have to remind me.