Walk In Tameside

Walk In Tameside – Hartshead Pike To Arlies

This walk in Tameside starts at Hartshead Pike, runs through Mossley, Carrbrook and Millbrook before finishing at Arlies in Stalybridge.

This is an image of the map for this walk in tameside.

This is an image of Hartshead Pike in the post Walk In Tameside.Starting at Hartshead Pike, this  walk in Tameside goes past the stables below the pike, on to Broadcarr Lane and down to Mossley Cross. From Mossley Cross  take the stile on Luzley Road and head downhill to the top of Barngate Drive.

The concrete lane heading to Heyrod soon turns into a track and after passing Scout Farm it is a matter of crossing two stiles and taking the path downhill to Manchester Road in Mossley. This section of this walk in Tameside, from Hartshead Pike to Manchester Road is virtually all downhill.

Cross over the busy road and turn right for 300 metres to the bridge over the River Tame. Head left on the path which leads to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal but take the path over the fields to Heyhead. This eventually leads to a stile near the cemetery. Proceed along the cemetery wall, bearing right at the signpost on a very muddy path which comes out near the top of Staley Road.

This is an image of Moorgate Cottages at Carrbrook in this walk in Tameside.Cross Huddersfield Road and take the track directly opposite on Heyheads New Road. This leads to the quaint Moorgate Cottages on Swallow Lane. Further along the lane a school is passed and then the unusual mini roundabout in Carrbrook is reached, with it’s tall stone pillar in the middle.

Swallow Lane continues on the other side of the roundabout until it meets farm buildings on the right at Fold. The lane becomes a grass track and passes another farm.

This track eventually leads to the many buildings at Sun Green and then goes downhill to the entrance to Stalybridge Country Park. Go through the kissing gate and the path reaches The Dam, a small reservoir in the park. Eventually the path reaches Huddersfield Road near the sharp bend where the Royal Oak pub once thrived. Sadly it is another hostelry that has now ceased trading and been demolished. Cross at the traffic lights then proceed along Grove Road. Walk past the new properties on the right and over the Huddersfield Narrow Canal to reach the bridge over the River Tame. Take the path by the river, then cross the narrow road and the bridge over the railway line to Wakefield Road.

A short walk up past Bluebell Wood and the hike finishes at Arlies Lane, Stalybridge. Distance is 5.5 miles and the walk takes 2½ hours. Many of these routes are detailed in Walks In Tameside volumes 1 &2.

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