Walking Football Tameside Glossop

Walking Football Tameside Glossop – For The Over 50’s

Walking Football Tameside Glossop is brought to local residents by Stalybridge Celtic FC, who sponsor the local over 50’s walking football team, Vintage Celtic.

Although no one is excluded, walking football is mainly for men over 50 who would like to become active again and play the slow version of the beautiful game. Walking Football Tameside Glossop is played at two venues at the moment, Dukinfield and Droylsden. We also play traditional small sided football at Copley Academy, Stalybridge on a Saturday.

What is walking football you may ask? Well the rules are similar to normal football except of course there is no running. This is penalised by a free kick to the opposition. Depending on the number of people who turn up, the game could be from 4-a-side to 11-a-side. The pitch size is altered according to the numbers playing.

Walking Football Tameside Glossop

Vintage Celtic With The Stalybridge Celtic Squad 03.08.15

Disability is no restriction at Walking Football Tameside Glossop, we have men in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s, some with hip replacements, knee replacements and heart replacements If you think you are not agile or fit enough you will be surprised how quickly you will soon get into the flow of the game.

There is a great camaraderie and many new friendships have been formed at the hourly sessions in Tameside. If you played football in your youth or never played at all why not try a session, preferably our Wednesday session, you won’t be disappointed.

You will be made to feel very welcome and the players keep returning, so we must be doing something right. Have a look at some of the testimonials from the guys that are already involved in Walking Football Tameside Glossop.

Anyone wishing to take up the game in Tameside or Glossop please contact either of the following.

Bill Murney 07443 900290
Brian Coll 07785 735573


Walking Football Tameside Glossop — 3 Comments

  1. This is a wonderful idea, Bill. If only we lived in England, my husband would try this. The children get their athletic ability from my husband. Unfortunately, I’m not too athletically inclined, but I like my hiking and climbing in the mountains, on marked trails of course. Wonderful post. Happy New Year, Bill!

    • Happy New Year Victoria Marie. Although a footballer in my youth and always having loved playing the game, I only took up Walking Football around 3 months ago and thoroughly enjoy it. As anyone who has ever played football will tell you, it’s impossible to not want to kick a ball no matter what age you are. I am sure Walking Football will grow and grow as Ladies Football has and it will come to the States as well, so your husband could soon be involved.

      • Wonderful, Bill! Only I don’t see my husband not kicking the ball whether you’re permitted or not. He was a soccer player. Four of our children tried soccer as well and are forever kicking all sorts of balls. All I ask is that they keep them out of the house. Hope your new year is starting off right.

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