Werneth Low Country Park

Werneth Low Country Park – A Short Tameside Walk

Werneth Low Country Park provides some of the best views and walks in Tameside. This short Tameside walk starts at the Lower Higham Visitor Centre. From the visitors centre car park go through the kissing gate, then ¼ mile uphill to the Cenotaph on Hackingknife. Pass to the right of the cenotaph and follow the path to the bottom of the golf course.

This is an image of the Etherow Valley in the Werneth Low Country Park walk.Go through the two gates and the path goes over a stream at Pipers Clough. Carry on uphill to where the path ends at a lane at Windy Harbour on Idle Hill. Go directly ahead here on Cock Brow. Proceed downhill past two houses on the left, with the radio masts on the right. The lane becomes steep. Look for a gap in the wall, by a gate on the right.

Cross over the first field and between two gate posts ahead, then over the stile at the end of the second field and on to the left of the pylon. From the pylon the path bears right uphill to a stile at the top corner of the field. This leads onto Beacom Lane. This Werneth Low Country Park walk then turns left downhill and between the properties at Beacom Houses.

Just after the houses go through the gate on the right and uphill. At the top go through another gate and keep right. This leads to a narrow track where another right turn finishes at the lane at Needham’s Farm. Turn left here and follow the lane to Werneth Low Road. Cross the road and follow the path on the golf course back to the bottom, then up to the Cenotaph and back to the starting point.

The walk is only short at 2.95 miles and takes just over an hour. All the tracks on this Werneth Low Country Park walk are covered in Walks In Tameside – Volume 2 Southern Tameside.


Werneth Low Country Park — 4 Comments

  1. I used to live in Denton and had no idea Tameside was so lovely. I did drive through Hyde/Werneth Low to get to work actually, and loved the view from the top, near the Hare and Hounds pub (the other one) – as you go up Joel Lane.

    And what a lovely name, Hackingknife (!!).

    • Hi Rick, Tameside does have some lovely countryside as you say and where you now live has some great spots as well. I am sure you prefer it to Denton. I tried to leave a comment on your KIK blog post of 10.12.12 but on clicking on submit comment got a “Server Error in ‘/’ Application” message. Bill

  2. Hi There Bill,

    Being from New York City, this looks like a NYC map but I know it’s not. I’ve seen some of the walks you outline on video and pictures and it’s a pleasant experience just checking out them out. It brings me to another place without leaving my chair. How awesome is that? Keep up the good work Bill, catch you later. Your friend,

    Terry Conti

    • The countryside from your chair, that’s second only to the real thing Terry. Mind you, you do have Central Park which judging by the photographs I have seen looks quite stunning.